It is one of the Northeast’s most pleasant hill station with the best suitable weather that continues throughout the year. Besides it variety of beautiful sights, it is also a culmination of many cultures that coexist here in peace and harmony. It is renowned for its panoramic valleys, Buddhists monasteries, colonial churches and Tibetan handicrafts. People say that the area was ruled by Bhutanese kings and was a forward post of the Bhutanese Army till the 19th century. Dotted with ancient Buddhist monasteries, centuries old churches and exquisite revered temples Kalimpong marks the Bhutanese history till it was wrested by British rulers. The Valley of Kalimpong is also very popular for its rich variety or orchids and lovely bright flowers.

Places To Visit

Cactus Nursery

It is one of the rarest collections of hundreds of Cactus species which brings enthusiasts from around the world here. The land of the largest number of commercial flower nurseries Kalimpong nurseries specialize in cultivation of exotic beautiful flowers and export these flowers to different parts of the country. There are numerous nurseries across the town so you can enjoy some sweet time there. One of such nurseries is Pine View Nursery which is famous for exotic cactus.

Morgan House

It is an ancient and colonial mansion built by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan in the 1930s. It is an active example of colonial architecture in Kalimpong. What makes visiting this gorgeous piece of construction even better is that it is backed by many stories about its existence until now! It has been converted into a lodge for tourists and is under the administration of the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation

Deolo Hill

Deolo Hills are located at an elevation of around 2000 m and thus, provide a great panoramic view of Kalimpong. It is one of the two highest points of Kalimpong and is also a pretty popular tourist spot and adventure capital. There are also proper viewpoints which are located at the ridge edges for the best view of the sunset and sunrise. You can try horse riding, nature visits and recently few more adventure sports have also been made accessible here.

Himalayan Paper Industry

Very few people know that Kalimpong is also popular for its traditional kind of handmade paper making. This Himalayan Handmade Paper Industry is a small scale industry cum workshop where you can visit to watch the entire process of creating paper from pulp, more so recycling it. The recycled paper is then used for block- printing the Buddhist scriptures. It is also used as notebooks for kids and handmade greeting cards.

Lepcha Museum, Kalimpong

The heritage of Kalimpong is vast and the Lepchas are an integral part of this lands history. Lepcha Museum is an initiative to preserve the culture and values of the Lepcha tribe that resides in the areas around Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan. The museum has relics and objects of everyday use like articles of worship, musical instruments, handicrafts items, manuscripts etc. all used by the Lepcha people.

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